High Frequency Radiography & Fluoroscopy System

Features & Benefits

Wide clinical application range

  • Fluoroscopy
  • Gastrointestinal spot film
  • Gynecological photography
  • Uterine oviduct angiography
  • Urography
  • Articular and myelography
  • Chest photography
  • G.I.
  • Orthopaedic photography
  • Other clinical application

Flexible and safe

  • Smooth and flexible movement of diagnostic table makes it possible for faster positioning and better patient comfort.
  • High performing mechanical structure makes possible the oblique exposure for special position.

Attactive, Flexible

The wide scanning range of spot film device and image system provides complete patient coverage without the need for longitudinal tabletop movement .extend the clinical application.

The extended focus distance can arrive up to 150cm allowing obtain chest images comparable to those done by bucky stand, make the remote controlled room suitable also for routine exams.

Multiple-function diagnostic table system

Motorized 360 ° rotated plate provides a perfect balance between ope ration a I efficiency and patient comfort.

All table movements can also be activated via the tableside keypad to improve efficiency during the patient preparation phase.

Instinctive LCD touch screen.

Our high frequency technology assures the best images in every operating condition along with reduced patient dose and extended x-ray tube lifetime.

Small focus, high output power is suitable for routine radiography check.

Advanced image intensifier and state-of-art CCD camera provide you the high definition digital image.

Digital Image System (optional)

  • Digital Storage: Quick and convenient, save the cost comparing with traditional film storage.
  • Image Process: Multi-grade denoise, LIH, negative & positive images, image reverse and so on. 
  • Medical History Management: Database management, Graphic reports, Support WORKLIST.
  • Digital Printer: Can be connect with laser printer to print film.
  • Digital Network: Support DICOM 3.0 and PACS network in hospital.

Technical Parameters

Power Output80kW
Inverter Frequency440kHz
RadiographyTube Voltage40kV-150kV
Tube Current10mA-1000mA
Exposure time1.0ms-10000ms
Control interfaceTouched LCD Screen
FluoroscopyTube Voltage40kV-125kV
Tube Current0.5mA-20mA
Automatic brightness for fluoroscopy IBSAutomatic brightness tracking multiple settings beforehand
TubeToshiba E7869X
IntensifierToshiba E5830SD-P6A
Flat Panel Detector14"x17"

Medical Diagnostic X-ray System

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