High Frequency Digital Flat Panel Radiography System

Features & Benefits


Excellent image quality, integrated operation

● Perfect image procession software,withTissue equalization technology.
● ESA (exam specific algorithm) algorithmused to optimize ray image data for a particulartype of exam, achieves the high resolutionimage.
● Automatic image optimizing process


Advanced technology Excellent hardware Is suitable for more powerfulworkload

● Flat panel detector improves your workflow/exam speed and comfort withefficiency.
● A-si detector with CSI screen, excellentspatial resolution.
● Active area: 17*17”


● Powerfijl digitalimage system
● image management
● system management
● two-dimensional assessment
● image processing


Fast and convenient operation Preset several examinationmodes to meet different departmentneeds.

● Automatic image processing and image output
● Optional: AEC (Automaticexposure control) enables auto selection of radiographkfactors, saves time, eliminates retakes, increases diagnosticcapabilityand lowers the radiation dose.

Low dosage, environmental technology

Advanced functions of tmages optimization, denoise, strengthen module, real-time displaying the clear clinical image.

Intelligent, Flexible, Sharp 17’' X17’' flat panel detectormeets all requirement of clinical digitalradiography.

● SID can be stretched electrically to 180cm, easy for chest radiography.
● Wigwag range of X-ray tube assembly pillarcan achieve ±45° , easy to completetiltphotography inspectionat any angle (optional).

Digital image network system Seamless connection of PLD8000 DR and PACS system provides the most optimizedand simplest solutionfor hospital.

● DICOM3.0
● HIS/RIS task list capturingsupport
● DICOM PACS multi-node storage
● DICOM image printsupport
● DICOM MPPS support

Technical Parameters

Power Output50kW
Inverter Frequency200kHz
Dual-focusSmall focus: 0.6
Large focus: 1.2
Tube Voltage40kV~150kV
Tube Current10mA~630mA
Exposure Time1.0-6300ms


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