High Frequency Digital Radiography System


Economic flat panel detector DR, specially used in Primary Hospital,Clinic,Medical Center.

Digital system for different anatomic regions, such as head,chest,abdomen,limbs etc.

  • World-class flat panel detector technology

High-quality portable flat panel detector can bring high definition images and provide good security and reliability.

Flexible projection angle

Flexible bed system can achieve the conventional lying position,standing radiography, but also achieve the portable flat panel detector wheelchair radiography, stretcher radiography and other special posture radiography.

High-definition images

● DICOM 3.0
● Supporting for obtaining a list of tasks from HIS/RIS
● Supporting DICOM PACS multi-node storage
● Supporting for DICOM image print
● Supporting for DICOM MPPS

Tissue equalization
Preset several examination modes to meet different departments use.
ESA(exam specific algorithm)

Convenient digital image network


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