High Frequency Radiography & Fluoroscopy Digital X-ray System

Features & Benefits

Clinical Application

PLD5600A is a remote controlled R&F system designed for maximum patient throughput and application flexibility .In the demanding environment of your imaging department,PLD5600A is a perfect mix of flexibility, ease of use, Image quality and connectivity allow you to get the best out of your R&F room.

  • Physical examination fluoroscopy
  • DSI
  • Common photography
  • Cholangiography
  • Urinary tract photography
  • Gastrointestinal photography
  • Lumbar spine and limbs photography
  • Restoration fracture under fluoroscopy
  • Osteopathy for bone fracture under fluoroscopy

High definition images thanks to the high frequency generator and digital acquisition system.

Our high frequency technology assures the best images in every operating condition along with reduced patient dose and extended x-ray tube lifetime.

Small focus, high output power is suitable for routine radiography check

Advanced image intensifier and state-of-art CCD camera provide you the high definition digital image.

Multiple-function diagnostic table system

The wide scanning range of spot film device and image systemi provides complete patient coverage without the need for longitudinal tabletop movement.

The one-hand cassette loading and unlloading mechanism grants a imiaxiinized speed for this frequent operation.

The table can be rotate in many directions.

Motorized 360 ° rotated plate provides a perfect balance between ope ration a I efficiency and patient comfort.

All table movemient can be activated via the tableside keyboard to improve efficiency during the patient preparation phase.

Rich size of film is available :
8″x10″~ 14″X17″

Digital Image System

The fully digital image processing system increase the accuracy of diagnoses and broaden clinical application, realize the multi-grade denoise, various storage, LIH, negative and positive, image reverse of the image.


System upgrading ability
  • DI COM 3.0 international interface, support image network and remote diagnosis.
  • Optional: DS A function,
  • Optional: digital interface for dry film printer and video printer.

Different option

Professional image acquisition and processing system

Medical Diagnostic X-ray System

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