High Frequency Remote-control Fuloroscopy X-ray Machine

Features & Benefits

Humanized design Advanced pulse control technology

● High voltage x—ray generator and high—precision digital pulse control technology optimize image quality and reduce radiation dose.
● Realize digital radiography function, filmless system simplify the procedure.
● Fluoroscopy kV/mA automatic tracking feature gets a brightness and sharpness image.
● Electric ins collimator satisfy the multi—angle and multi—direction display.


● Human graphical LCD touch—screen operation, elegant, intelligent and simple.


● Equipped with microphone for compartment communication between doctor and patient
● You can instantly switch from hand brake to toot brake.


Motorized control

● Fluoroscopy exams also benefit from the multi motorized facilities of the unit allows visibility of large anatomic regions without patient repositioning.
● Mechanical motion control lever with exposure hand controller make it much safer and convenient to operate.

Digital Imaging System HD image quality,efficient digital image processing system

● High quality image intensifier.
● High definition mega pixel CCD camera
● High definition and high brightness monitoring system.

● Equipped with workstation to realize the functions include registration, image acquisition processing, documentation and so on, comprehensive connectivity to all network via Dicom 3.0.


Technical Parameters

High frequency power supplyMax. output power: 5kW
Main inverter frequency:40kHz
FluroscopyContinuous fluoroscopyTube voltage 40kV~120kV continuous
Tube current:0.3mA~4mA continuous
Pulse fluoroscopyTube voltage 40kV~120kV continuous
Tube current: 4.1mA~30mA continuous
1~10 frame/second
RadiographyTube voltage:40-1 20KV
Tube current: 25—100mA/1-180mAs
Dual focusSmall focus:0.3 Large focus:1.5


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