High Frequency X-ray Radiography System

Features & Benefits

Close-loop Control Technology Multiple Photography Modes For Selecting

● Designed with many beneficial characteristics to improve workflow.
● AEC(automatic exposure control)enables auto selection of radiographic factors,save time,eliminates retakes,increases diagnostic capability and lowers the radiation dose.


Bucky stand: satisfy the vertical photography of head, chest, pelvis, spine and so on.
Optional: human graphical LCD touch screen control console makes compartment photography be possible.

● APR(anatomical programme)with film density control in which exposure factors include kV and mAs are automatically selected depending upon the physique of the patient and part of the body to be radiographed.
● Table side human graphic LCD touch screen for parameters setting and remote control, makes it easy and safe to operate.
● Self—protection and fault—code alarming function for much safer operate.


Human-graphical parameters adjustment Remote control exposure

● The table can float freely, electromagnetic brake to make the photography position more accuracy.
● X-ray tube assembly can rotate around its axis, convenient for lateral, oblique and stretcher photography.

Technical Parameters

Output power55kW
Main inverter frequency60kHz
X-ray tubeRotary anode
Dual focus: Large focus: 1.2mm; Small focus: 0.6mm
Tube thermal capacity:900kJ (1200kHu)
mA range10mA~500mA
Tube voltage40kV~150kV
Exposure Time0.001s~12.5s
Power supply380VAC
Table Size2000*760mm
Table Height≤700mm


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