How do consistently keep my mobile DR working?


Mobile DR is a medical device that can perform X-ray examinations at the patient’s bedside. This device can provide doctors with high-quality images to help them better diagnose and treat patients. However, the continuous working time of mobile bedside DR is an issue that needs to be considered. If the device does not continue to work for a long enough period of time, it will affect the effectiveness of the doctor’s work. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the continuous working time of mobile DR.

Perlove mobile DR

First of all, you need to make sure that the power supply system of the mobile bedside DR is stable and reliable. The power supply system is the foundation for the equipment to work properly, if the power supply is unstable or faulty, the equipment can not work continuously. Therefore, the power supply system needs to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation. In addition, a backup power system is needed to prevent the equipment from continuing to work when the main power system fails.

Secondly, the time of use of the equipment needs to be reasonably planned. Mobile bedside DR usually needs to be examined at the patient’s bedside, so it is necessary to rationally arrange the use time of the equipment to avoid overuse leading to equipment damage or overheating. A detailed use plan can be formulated, including the switching time, examination time and rest time of the equipment. This can avoid the damage or overheating problems caused by the continuous use of equipment for a long time.

In addition, attention needs to be paid to the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment. Mobile bedside DR is a sophisticated medical device that requires regular maintenance and care. For example, it is necessary to clean the shell and filter of the equipment to maintain the hygiene of the equipment; it is necessary to replace the equipment’s filters and bulbs and other wear parts to ensure the performance of the equipment; it is necessary to carry out regular calibration and adjustment of the equipment to ensure its accuracy and stability. Only by doing a good job of equipment maintenance and repair work, in order to ensure that the equipment continues to work for a long time.

Finally, operators need to be trained to use the equipment correctly. The operation of mobile bedside DR is complex and requires professional training to master the correct use. Operators should be familiar with the structure and function of the equipment, understand the use of the equipment and precautions. At the same time, they should also comply with the relevant operating procedures and safety regulations to ensure the safe operation and use of the equipment. Only by using the equipment correctly can the continuous working time of the equipment be ensured.

In summary, ensuring the continuous working time of mobile bedside DR needs to start from several aspects. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply system, secondly, it is necessary to reasonably plan the use time of the equipment, again, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the equipment, and finally, it is necessary to train the operators to use the equipment correctly. Only by doing a good job can we ensure the continuous working time of the mobile bedside DR and provide better medical services for doctors.

Perlove medical mobile DR is widely used in emergency department, ICU ward, neonatology, operating room and orthopedics and other clinical departments, to carry out bedside photography for patients who are not suitable to be moved, especially for intra-operative, acute and severe patients and infectious patients in the quarantine area have higher application value. In order to ensure the flexibility of the equipment, equipped with electric power function, the implementation of easy and labor-saving, the longest range of up to 50 kilometers, to meet the long-distance implementation of hospitals at all levels and sizes of the use of needs!


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