How our pelvis protect us?


Some people will suddenly feel back pain, or some people lumbar disc protrusion, may be because the structure of the pelvis has changed. The pelvis is very important to the human body, the pelvis is a relatively wide pelvis-like structure, so the name “pelvis” comes from this.


The pelvis protects the internal organs and some other organs inside the pelvis, so it plays a good protective role for the body.


The pelvis plays a top-down role, it is an important fulcrum of the body. The human body has more than eighty muscles attached to the pelvis, so when our muscles contract or stretch, these muscles are a pivot point to the pelvis, which is also a very important role of the pelvis.


The pelvis carries some of the body’s gravity, it will be the upper body’s gravity spread to the two legs, the gravity of the dispersed transmission down to the body a good cushion.

Large flat panel C-arm Provides more image details

The PLX119C is a large flat panel C-arm with a 30cm x 30cm flat panel detector and a large field of view, which can present more image details and has advantages for applications such as bilateral pelvic fracture type surgery or posterior pelvic ring internal fixation.

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