How to use C-arm in ERCP surgery ?


At present, the diagnosis and treatment of biliary tract diseases are still inseparable from radiographic equipment and endoscopes, from gastrointestinal machines to C-arms, from fiberoptic endoscopes to electronic endoscopes. The introduction of Perlove high-end interventional C-arm has injected brand-new vitality into the clinical research of ERCP and vigorously upgraded the new height of gastrointestinal endoscopic surgical treatment in hospitals.

What is ERCP?

Transendoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is the technique of inserting duodenoscope into the descending part of duodenum, finding the duodenal papilla, inserting contrast catheter into the opening part of the papilla from the biopsy tube, and injecting contrast agent and then taking X-rays in order to show pancreatic and biliary ducts. In just a few decades, ERCP has made great achievements in clinical practice and has become an important treatment tool for pancreaticobiliary diseases today.

Main indications: bile duct stones, bile duct stenosis and related complications caused by them, etc.

Imaging equipment needed for ERCP

Usually, ERCP needs to be equipped with electronic duodenoscope, special X-ray machine for ERCP, contrast catheter and its accessories, contrast agent, vital signs monitoring equipment, etc. The advantages and disadvantages of the equipment play a key role in whether ERCP operation is safe and accurate. At present, there are about three kinds of X-ray machines commonly used in ERCP surgery in China:

1、Large digital subtraction angiography machine

2、Digital gastrointestinal machine

3、Mobile C-arm X-ray machine

The high-end interventional C-arm of Perlove has the irreplaceable performance advantages and features of traditional gastrointestinal machines and small C-arms. While standardizing the operation process, it provides a safe and reliable working environment for medical staff.

Advantages of clinical application of high-end interventional C-arm of Perlove Medical Technology

The high-end interventional C-arm of Perlove is a mobile flat C-arm, which not only has the capability of gynecological and vascular interventions, but also has the special function of ERCP. The C-arm meets the surgical needs of ERCP in terms of structural design, image quality, dosage and protection performance, and clinical application expansion capability.

Clinical image of Perlove Medical flat-panel interventional medium C

Perlove Medical’s high-end interventional C-arms are characterized by a deep insight into details. With super large output power, unique ball tube large heat capacity design, large size digital flat panel detector and wide range of mechanical stroke and diagnostic space design, it provides lower dose, larger field of view and more detailed HD images for clinical use, which is more suitable for ERCP procedures.


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