Loving bazaar, Perlove Mall



Now that the epidemic has achieved stage victory, our work is gradually becoming more formal. In order to relieve the tense working atmosphere and enrich the employees’ spare time, Perlove recently held a charity sale. The event incomes will be used to establish the “Perlove Fund” to help people in need.


perlove: responsibility, communication and learning, and become employees with the sense of social responsibility, promote the communication between employees, train employees to exercise and present themselves, enhance perlove culture construction and employees’ sense of belonging, establish the “Perlove Fund” and strengthen employees’ sense of social responsibility.


Based on the principle of openness and transparency, charity funds will be specially managed to help those in need.To encourage employees to participate, perlove will issue honor certificates to the top three sellers of charity sales.

In addition, Perlove also organized a family-based charity sale and organized family day activities. On the day of the event, there were many cute children to help. The whole process was very relaxing and pleasant. We also regard our customers as important members of Perlove family, and sincerely hope that we will invite customers to join our family activities next time.

Finally, please enjoy the special products in the bazaar! It is worth mentioning that products with international characteristics are particularly popular with everyone. We hope that in the future cooperation, we can not only promote more orders, but also have more cultural exchanges.


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