Medica Register guide


As one of the exhibitors of Medica, Perlove Medical was founded in 2003. As a professional X-ray manufacturer, we are waiting for you at online Please register and log in the corresponding official website according to the following guidelines to start your online exhibition journey!

Step1. Enter the web address in the address bar:

PS: You can also download the Medica APP. (only apple Store and Google Play are available)

Step 2:  Click “Visitors”on the top of the interface.

Step 3:Click Registeron the top of the interface.

Step 4:Enter Registration now”

Notice: You can directly LOG IN with your BEST buyer account without Registration if you have ever attended Medica in the past.

Step 5:Fill in the details(your email address,and personal details)

Step 6: please click “ Registation” ,Account registration completed

All the registration finished, you can search and browse the information you prefer. Like the key word”Perlove Medical” or you can Clink on the link below

Hope this will be helpfull for your online Medica journey!


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