Perlove Advanced Dynamic Flat-Panel DRF installed in Benxi


With the continuous development of medical technology, the accuracy of clinical diagnosis is required to be higher and higher. So it requires hospitals to introduce more high-end, more advanced equipment.

Not so long ago, the radiology department of the First People’s Hospital of Benxi in Liaoning introduced the most advanced digital dynamic flat-panel DRF of Perlove Medical in China. It is the first dynamic flat-panel DRF in Benxi that better meets the clinical needs.

Perlove Medical’s flat-panel dynamic DRF is a multi-function digital X-ray machine which integrates digital photography, digital fluoroscopy and digital radiography. It completely replaces traditional flat-panel DR and digital gastrointestinal machine that truly realizes multi-purpose of one machine.

Traditional DR can not photograph under visualization. In many complex positions, it is difficult to successfully capture clear and accurate images at one time, which leads to misdiagnosis.

Perlove’s flat dynamic DRF can realize visual shooting. It completely changes the previous blind shooting mode.

In the case of dynamic examination of the television imaging system, If the lesion is found, it can be converted to flat panel detector for static image acquisition so as to obtain the large size and high-resolution image. It helps get rid of the disadvantages of repeated positioning and shooting in the past.

Perlove’s multifunctional dynamic flat-panel DRF helps major hospitals realize precision medical care and escort the health of the people!


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