Perlove Dynamic Flat DRF Installed in Sichuan


Recently, the first people’s Hospital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture has used Perlove dynamic flat-panel DRF to complete several difficult gastrointestinal imaging examinations. Radiologists recognized its advantages in gastrointestinal examination and diagnosis.

Dynamic Flat DRF

The first people’s Hospital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture was established in 1939 by the government, which has 30 clinical departments, 32 nursing units and 16 medical and technical departments. Among them, 5 major of Pediatrics, Nephrology, hepatobiliary, pancreatic and gastrointestinal surgery, medical imaging, nursing and other specialties are Sichuan Medical Grade a key specialty.

The hospital has many excellent domestic and foreign brands’ equipments. And the presence of Perlove dynamic flat panel DRF has injected a new technological force into the hospital.

Today, we are going to share two cases of dynamic flat panel DRF in gastrointestinal examination.

Dynamic Flat DRF

Clinical case 1: Upper gastrointestinal imaging


Upper gastrointestinal examination is a common method for gastrointestinal diseases, which refers to the gastrointestinal angiography in the duodenal parts.

Clinical Advantages

It can clearly show the image from pharynx to duodenum.

Dynamic flat panel DRF can be used to combine fluoroscopy and photography. If suspected lesions are observed under fluoroscopy, high-definition spot film can be performed.

Perlove dynamic flat panel DRF is in the forefront of development. Static and dynamic panel give a large field of view to avoid missing diagnosis and misdiagnosis. It is suitable for clinical digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital radiography and special radiography.

Clinical case 2: Esophagography


Check if the esophagus is abnormal.

Clinical advantages

When patient standing in front of the X-ray machine, the doctor observed the process of swallowing and collected images to facilitate the diagnosis of esophageal and tracheal erosion and other lesions.

Dynamic Flat DRF

Perlove dynamic flat panel DRF is widely used in clinic. It can realize visual shooting. It completely changes the previous blind shooting mode.

In the case of dynamic examination of the television imaging system, If the lesion is found, it can be converted to flat panel detector for static image acquisition so as to obtain the large size and high-resolution image. It helps get rid of the disadvantages of repeated positioning and shooting in the past.

Perlove Medical always adheres to scientific and technological innovation. We takes ” Technology contributes to health” as our mission as well as provides customers with professional, intelligent and humanized medical imaging comprehensive solutions.


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