Perlove Integrated Flat Panel C-arm Finally Released


With the brilliance of domestic equipment and profound technological precipitation, the fourth-generation C-arm of Perlove Medical is going to hit the market. Due to our product application, positioning and functional unique performance and rich configuration are ahead of similar competitors in the market, our market competitiveness is strong, laying the foundation for gaining market share.

Huitong means the eyes of wisdom. Perlove Medical’s Integrated Flat Panel C-arm PLX118C has a high degree of intelligence, which can help doctors accurately locate and easily obtain high-definition images, just like the doctor’s eyes, so it is named Huitong

1 Applications

Wiseye PLX118C, it can be widely used in the orthopedics, Spine surgery,Trauma,Urology,Pain management and other departments;

New integrated design: C-arm and workstation adopt integrated design, with compact frame structure, small floor area, flexible and light movement. The operation can be completed by one person. It is used in crowded operating room to save operating room space and facilitate the clinical operation of doctors.

2 Ultra-clear image, precise positioning

·Dynamic flat panel detector

·Ultra-wide display

·Two-way laser positioning

3 Smart operation, convenient and fast 

Casually balanced design

the frame of the C-arm can be hovered at any angle when it is unlocked, ensuring safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Touch operation screen

adopts high-quality large-size touch operation screen, which has high sensitivity and flexible publicity, which is convenient for clinicians to perform touch operation from multiple angles.

Non-network power standby design

It can realize the special stand-by without network power between multiple operating rooms, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the equipment;

Pluggable grid design

4 Low dose,more safe

 With low-dose mode, low-dose exposure parameters that meet multiple clinical needs are set, and unnecessary radiation doses are strictly controlled;

High-frequency inverter technology

 Prevent the generation of soft rays from the source, ensure accurate control of the amount of radiation, and effectively care for the health of doctors and patients;

Intelligent frequency conversion technology

Automatically adjust the image frame frequency according to the body part and the radiation dose, and reduce the suspected dose when the colleague who guarantees the image quality;

With DAP dose display

 DAP dose display can directly observe the dose during the use of the machine

As a national brand that has been deeply involved in the field of medical imaging for 18 years, Perlove Medical will continue to innovate, make breakthroughs, promote the diversified development of medical industry and services, and contribute to national medical care and national health!


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