Perlove’s low dose radiation solution for Dynamic DR


In recent years, the rapid development of imaging technology has made great contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.But it is undeniable that the radiological examination will cause some radiation damage to the human body. Therefore, in the pursuit of high-quality images, the control of radiation dose can not be ignored!As an excellent image equipment manufacturer in China, how to minimize the radiation dose of X-ray while ensuring the best quality image is the most concerned issue in product development and production of Perlove Medical. Deep cultivation technology, optimized design, Perlove multi-functional Dynamic DR Brings safer low dose management solutions to doctors and patients.

DAP exposure dose shown

In dose safety management, Perlove Medical is the first DAP radiation dose monitoring system to ensure the health of doctors and patients at all series Dynamic DR machine. DAP is the product value of the cumulative dose of rays and the irradiated area, representing the total number of rays irradiated into the human body. Secondary radiation caused by radiation exposure to health care workers is produced when an autonomous ray beam passes through the patient. Therefore, the radiation dose received by health care workers is closely related to the DAP of patients. With DAP radiation dose monitoring system, the dose intensity of single exposure can be displayed on the image in real time, which is convenient for doctors to master the radiation situation, effectively control dose intake, and provide more health care for doctors and patients.

Automatic exposure control function

Automatic exposure control (AEC) function can accurately and automatically control the X-ray dose according to the thickness, physiological and pathological characteristics of the photographed body, so that the images taken by different parts and different patients have the same sensitivity, completely solve the problem of inconsistent sensitivity, and ensure good image effect. The operating doctor does not need to select parameters, just after the position, according to the preset exposure to finish the photography.

Removable filter grid design

The filter grid can filter the scattering line, but it will also absorb some useful rays and increase the dose of Dynamic DR machine. The thicker the patient’s lesion site, the more stray scattering lines, the more need for the filter grid. However, the relatively thin position such as the trunk of children or the limbs of adults has fewer stray scattering lines. Removing the filter grid will not image quality, but can greatly reduce the dose of radiation. Perlove multi-functional dynamic tablet DR Is based on the practical clinical needs. It adopts the removable filter grid design, which can be pulled out for the examination of children or low-dose parts, bringing more intimate care to doctors and patients.

Removable filter grid (chest frame)
Removable filter grid (chest frame)

Fully automatic electric beam limiter

The automatic electric beam limiter can quickly select and preset the required field of view according to the shooting site in the APR, and can automatically adjust or maintain the irradiation field during the shooting process without too much human intervention. It can not only reduce the radiation dose of patients, but also greatly reduce the influence of scattered lines on the imaging quality. Through the predicted field of view size and automatic beam limiter clipping algorithm, The image of Dynamic DR can be automatically clipped and the image quality can be improved effectively.

In addition, Perlove multi-functional dynamic DR Adopts advanced flat panel detector and efficient X-ray generating device, comprehensively optimizes software operating system and intelligent image acquisition workstation, achieves higher imaging quality with lower radiation dose, and carefully protects the health of doctors and patients.


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