PLD7300A Radiography System High Performance and Intelligent U-arm DR


High Performance and Intelligent

U-arm DR

  • Meet the Needs of Full-body Radiography

 U-arm lift rotation, x-ray tube up and down.
The detector can achieve ±30° rotation, satisfying the whole body image coverage, especially for the special position of the projection.

  • Dual Control System

 Touch screen and hand-held controller.

  • One-key Positioning

 Chest & lying radiography.

  • Two Pieces Pluggable Grid

Meet different chest & lying radiography.

High Performance and Intelligent

Straight-arm DR

  • Meet the Needs of Full-body Radiography

Straight-arm & X-ray tube lifting and rotating
 Compact design
 Small space occupying
 Rapid movement and fast positioning

  • SID Motorized Movement
  • One-key Positioning

Chest & lying radiography

  • Flexible Movement

Rotate to meet various angles of shooting
Lift up and down for easy positioning of radiography.
Electrically synchronized movement of X-ray tube and SID.

Stable and Reliable Image Chain

  • Self-developed Ultra-high Frequency and High Voltage Generator

 Good X-ray source
Strong penetration ability
 Low-dose radiation
 Stable performance
 High-quality image
High efficiency

  • Imported High-quality X-ray Tube

 Large heat capacity
 High-speed tube
 Suitable for long time and high-intensity work
 Have long service life
 Three optioonal power: 56kw, 71kw, 80kw

  • Flexible Flat Panel Detector

 Standard high-resolution wireless flat-panel
Optional dual flat-panel


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