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On May 16, 2020, the opening ceremony of 《2020 Action& Learning Group》was held at Perlove Medical Headquarters.

The Research Group is composed of company leaders and some employees.For the company’s future development needs,the topic starts from the integration and optimization of human resources, customer experience, product competitiveness discussion, product quality improvement, lean production, system processes and innovative services, etc., it aims to improve the company’s Comprehensive strength!

It is hoped that through the study of the project, not only can be integrated into various modules, but also deepen understanding of the  operation of each link .The purpose of the topic grouping is to improve the organization’s ability and mentality. In addition, it can deepen mutual understanding and cooperate with the organization.

After the meeting,the Leaders of Perlove Medical highly praised some Staffs for its efforts to fight against COVID-19. and thank you all Perlove people for their Courage and faith.Last but not the least .we would like to offer particular thanks to all families for support to Perlove Medical.


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