What is a 3D C-arm machine?


What is a 3D C-arm machine? The three-dimensional C-arm machine is a new type of C-arm, which realizes the leap from two-dimensional to three-dimensional intraoperative images. Through the tomographic images of different directions, it can assist the doctor to obtain more comprehensive image information, observe the accuracy of screw implantation, and improve the accuracy of the operation, and the doctor can also check the operation results in time during the operation to confirm the completion of the operation, which greatly improves the accuracy of the operation. Improve the success rate of surgery, reduce the risk of surgery and the probability of postoperative complications.

3D C-arm machine

Puai Medical is a professional manufacturer of C-arm machines. It is the first to master 3D imaging technology in China. Following the first domestic 3D shadow-enhanced C-arm, it has also launched an isocenter flat 3D C-arm machine – Skybow PLX7500. Next, I will introduce the clinical application and advantages of this product of our company.

Clinical application of Skybow PLX7500 3D C-arm machine:

1. Spine Surgery. It can effectively reconstruct the complex three-dimensional model of the spine, provide accurate two-dimensional and three-dimensional images, improve the accuracy of screw implantation, shorten the operation time, reduce the probability of complications, and reduce the intake of radiation.

2. Trauma Surgery. For example, internal fixation of pelvic fractures can reconstruct the acetabular articular surface in three dimensions, accurately locate and implant screws, effectively shorten the time of screw implantation and fluoroscopy exposure, and reduce the probability of postoperative complications.

3. Joint Surgery. It is mainly used in the positioning of joint replacement and anatomical reduction of shoulder joint, elbow joint, hip joint and knee joint. It can accurately implant the prosthesis, reduce the radiation time, and reduce the radiation dose.

4. Osteotomy Orthopaedic Surgery. For example, in the treatment of congenital kyphoscoliosis, it can effectively guide the implantation of screws and remove the half cone to achieve a satisfactory osteotomy correction effect.

Advantages and features of Skybow PLX7500 3D C-arm machine:

1. Intraoperative real-time 3D imaging. Intraoperative three-dimensional imaging and cross-sectional images can provide multi-angle surgical diagnosis information, assisting doctors in intraoperative assessment and judgment, such as fracture reduction and the size and position of implanted screws, and assisting in better completion of surgery.

2. 3D imaging field of view is large. It provides a larger intraoperative 3D imaging field and collects more image information. It can shoot the entire cervical spine, the entire lumbar spine, seven thoracic vertebrae, bilateral sacroiliac joints, femoral head and unilateral pelvis at one time.

3. Isometric design. During the C-arm scanning process, the subject is always kept in the center of the beam, which avoids horizontal and vertical movement during the acquisition of sequential images, and reduces motion artifacts caused by relative movement.

4. Five-dimensional electric operation is convenient. The vertical lifting movement of the plate is convenient for fine-tuning the distance between the plate and the subject during the operation, which is closer to the lesion body, and the imaging range is larger and the image is clearer.

Perlove Tiangong PLX7500 3D C-arm machine adopts 30cm x 30cm dynamic flat panel detector to output high-resolution, large-size 2D and 3D images. 16-bit grayscale, high dynamic range clearly shows the position and contour of the implant. The imaging is clear, the operation is simple, and the positioning is convenient. It is mainly suitable for orthopedics, spine surgery, orthopedics, trauma orthopedics and operating rooms, etc.


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