What is Dynamic Flat Panel DR?


The so-called dynamic flat-panel DR, is with “dynamic” and “flat-panel” function of medical DR equipment. Whether less “dynamic” or less “flat panel“, can not be regarded as the real dynamic flat panel DR.

Before explaining what is meant by flat-panel dynamic DR, let’s first familiarize ourselves with the development history of dynamic flat-panel DR.

In 1895, Roentgen discovered the existence of X-rays.

② In 1914, cadmium tungstate fluorescent screen was born, the beginning of X-ray fluoroscopy applications.

③After 1950, television technology and image intensifier were introduced, gradually replacing the fluorescent screen.

④ After 1960, the position of the bulb tube and TV camera and image intensifier were aligned, and the gastrointestinal machine was combined with CR. Early analog gastrointestinal machines formed analog images through the scintillator screen, which were observed by the doctor’s naked eye and could not undergo any digital processing; ⑤ Around 1990, the gastrointestinal machine was replaced by the fluorescent screen.

⑤ Around 1990, gastrointestinal machines began to use image intensifiers, digital CCDs to capture and store spot film images, which were adjusted, typeset, labeled and then printed out;.

⑥ After entering the 21st century, flat panel detectors gradually replaced image intensifiers as the mainstream imaging system for digital gastrointestinal machines. 2009, Shimadzu, a famous imaging manufacturer, combined an image intensifier-based gastrointestinal machine with a mature flat panel DR to create the first multifunctional dynamic DR, which realizes the visualization of film taking.

Flatbed Dynamic DR-PLD5600

Some people say that a gastrointestinal machine + dynamic flat panel detector is dynamic DR, then what exactly is meant by flat panel dynamic DR?

Dynamic flat-panel DR is also called “dynamic multi-functional flat-panel digital medical X-ray photography system“, in common parlance, dynamic DR set of traditional fluoroscopy, traditional DR and gastrointestinal machine functions in one, with high-definition photography, large-format fluoroscopy photography, dynamic and static modes of one-key switching, visualization of imaging, real-time image preservation and replay, the whole body, splicing and other functions of the new X-ray machine, the whole body. PLD5600 is a new type of X-ray equipment with various functions, such as high-definition photography, large-format fluoroscopic photography, switching between dynamic and static modes, visualization, real-time image saving and playback, and whole-body splicing.

PLD5600 is a portable flatbed dynamic DR, produced by the flatbed dynamic DR manufacturer Pride, the equipment is flexible, easy to operate, high efficiency, a device can realize digital flatbed photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital gastrointestinal and digital imaging, available for all levels of hospitals, human head, chest, abdomen, lumbar vertebrae, limbs and other parts of the body for the prone position, orthopedic position, lateral position of the photography.


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