What is Pet DR?


In today’s fast-paced life, many young people like to stay home in their free time in addition to their daily work, especially now during the epidemic, and can not go out to travel, they will choose to raise pets to accompany themselves, which has led to the rapid development of pet beauty and pet medical care. Pet DR has become one of the standard equipment of many pet hospitals, not only because of its perfect function, but also it shoots clearer images, effectively improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.

So, in the face of the many pet DR brands on the market, which one is better to choose? Pay attention to which components?

Pet DR

Pet DR consists of several basic core components, therefore, in the choice of pet DR, the main core components of the comparison, at the same time to pay attention to the situation of the brand, do not compare from the price alone.

First, the choice of flat detector material

Flat panel detector for DR equipment, and the role of the chip for the phone is as important. Compared with the previous gadolinium sulfide oxide, most of the pet DR now uses cesium iodide flat panel detectors, which have a higher X-ray conversion efficiency, longer service life, lower failure rate and high sensitivity.

Second, the choice of high-voltage generator

The role of the high-voltage generator of the pet DR equipment is to provide ultra-high-voltage electrical energy for the bulb tube that emits X-rays. The VET1100 model pet DR produced by Perlove Medical adopts 220V/380V power supply, with multiple configuration options, which not only ensures convenient power input, but also ensures stable high-voltage output.

The body of the pet DR equipment is exquisite and compact, integrated design does not occupy space, 4 square meters of room can be installed and used. For some small pet hospitals, it can effectively save space.

Pet DR image acquisition software

DR workstation for pets

Adopting professional veterinary image acquisition software, different from the previous text-based, symbolic parameter settings, its settings are based on animal graphics, the visual effect is more intuitive, the operation is more simple and convenient.

V. Radiation dose problem

To the pet filming usually need to be accompanied by the pet owner, and often use the equipment of the medical staff, they are more concerned about the radiation problem of the equipment, now the pet DR equipment in the radiation dose has a strict control, VET1100 pet DR using hand-controlled and remote control double exposure mode, according to the use of flexible choice, the operation is more flexible and convenient.

Pet DR equipment

In conclusion, before purchasing, it is necessary to have a detailed and comprehensive understanding of pet DR equipment, and at the same time, it is necessary to compare and choose according to the cost of purchasing and according to the needs.

Perlove Medical’s VET1100 pet DR adopts 17*17″ amorphous silicon flat panel detector, which ensures excellent image quality and provides reliable clinical diagnosis. The operation of the near-station graphical programmable color LCD touch screen, together with the remote exposure control mode, greatly reduces the radiation exposure, and is safer for environmental protection and operators.


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