What is Suspended Dynamic DR?


The current digital X-ray machine, according to the different design of the mechanical structure of the DR, can be divided into: suspension dynamic DR, U-arm DR, double column DR and bedside DR. what is the meaning of suspension dynamic DR? Suspended dynamic DR is a suspended digital X-ray machine equipped with a dynamic flat panel detector, which is equipped with digital photography, fluoroscopy, imaging functions, full spine, full lower extremity image splicing, etc., which is more widely used in clinical applications. It can be used for multi-angle dynamic observation of overlapping foci or foci that are easy to be blocked by dynamic real-time continuous imaging, which can greatly improve the accuracy of the screening and diagnosis.

With the advantages of multi-functional dynamic imaging, real-time high-definition film counting and convenient and flexible positioning, Suspended Dynamic DR has become one of the preferred choices for hospital imaging examination technology and service level. It can be used at all levels of hospitals for digital photography, fluoroscopy and imaging of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, limbs and other parts of the human body in the prone, orthopedic, lateral and oblique positions; it is applicable to all clinical departments at all levels of hospitals to meet the needs of a variety of clinical examinations in the radiology department, physical examination centers, imaging centers, internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine, orthopedics, traumatology, gastroenterology and other departments.

Ultimate Image

Hundred micro dynamic flatbed, clear and subtle

Perlove Suspension Dynamic DR is equipped with 100μm high-frame-rate dynamic flatbed, with a dynamic examination frame rate of up to 30 frames/second, which enables dynamic fluoroscopy to obtain high-quality diagnostic images comparable to those of static flatbed; the effective pixels of static photography are up to 18 million, with a spatial resolution of up to 5.0lp/mm, which can quickly obtain more high-definition and low-dose images with the support of ultra-high pixels and ultra-high resolution images, even when zooming in for diagnosis. With the ultra-high pixel and ultra-clear image resolution, more high-definition and low-dose images can be obtained quickly, and the tissue images can be displayed very clearly even when zooming in for diagnosis. At the same time, the dynamic and static dual-plate configuration can realize millisecond-level switching of the selection plate, special plate, high efficiency and professionalism, together with the flexible movement of the suspension mechanical structure, easy to realize the multi-position shooting and free conversion, significantly improving the efficiency of clinical examination.

No “position” is too far away

Suspended frame design, moving as you wish

The suspension frame of Pride Suspension Dynamic DR has a wide range of motion, the cylinder can be lifted up and down and move horizontally and vertically along the overhead rail; the large-size intelligent touch screen near the desk is convenient for controlling the motion of the suspension frame; the hand-automation integrated design can be switched with one key according to clinical needs; the bull’s head can be rotated in full angle to satisfy the application of all parts of the body, and the unique tilted projection position can satisfy the clinical application of special patients.

Convenient and efficient

Intelligent control system to optimize the process

Suspension Dynamic DR adopts intelligent elevating bed design, with a large range of motion travel, which can easily cope with the clinical examination of the old, the young, the sick, the disabled or the mobility impaired, and the bed can float up and down, front and back, left and right in six directions, which brings a more comfortable examination experience to the patients and the medical staffs.

Suspended dynamic DR chest film position, lying position balloon and detector can be automatically tracked and centered; balloon touch screen near the table to open the examination, intuitive display of patient information, exposure parameters and positioning tips, support in the established medical records, two-way synchronization of patient position protocol; fully automatic electric beam limiter, according to different position protocols to automatically adjust the irradiation field, the degree of intelligence is higher, and greatly improves the efficiency of the examination; AEC function automatically controls the exposure time, which can make the images taken by different parts of the body and different patients have the same amount of light sensitivity, and reduce the difficulty of physicians’ operation.

Panoramic splicing

Intelligent splicing of images, practical

Suspension Dynamic DR is suitable for assisting orthopedic treatment of spinal deformity and rehabilitation examination. It can take segmented films of the spine, lower limbs and lower limb venography, and then stitch the segmented images together to show the whole spine or lower limbs on a single X-ray image, providing accurate images for the clinic.

The flexible suspension frame design and unique electric lifting camera bed of Perlove Suspension Dynamic DR bring great convenience to doctors in carrying out their work, and effectively improve the efficiency of doctors; the high frame rate dynamic flat panel detector brings clear and sharp images to provide accurate basis for doctors’ diagnosis, and realizes multi-functionality, organic unity of image and position, and strength to empower accurate diagnosis and treatment. For the county second-level hospital, a widely used suspension dynamic DR, not only can reduce the cost of equipment procurement, improve equipment utilization, but also optimize the department staff structure, improve the level of hospital diagnosis and treatment.


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