What Is the Real Dynamic Flat Panel DRF


In the past two years, dynamic flat-panel DRF has emerged as the “King” of general display equipment. With its high-end configuration and excellent performance, it has been unanimously recognized by clinical experts and doctors. At present, all kinds of imported and domestic DRF products are emerging one after another. So, what is the real dynamic flat panel DRF?   

What Is the Real Dynamic Flat Panel DRF

Multi-function: Integration of dynamic and static photography

Perlove dynamic flat panel DRF is in the forefront of development with dual board. shooting and perspective with large vision. It is suitable for clinical digital photography, digital fluoroscopy and digital radiography.

digital fluoroscopy and digital radiography

ConfigurationHigh power, high definition, large heat capacity, large field of vision.

1. 80kW high power, high frequency inverter high voltage generator;

2. Imported double focus high-speed tube with large heat capacity;

3. 17 * 17’’ large size dynamic flat panel detector and high-definition image;

4. 2 high density filter grids (pluggable or electric): special for special distance to obtain clearer image. For children or low-dose parts, it can be pulled out to bring more intimate care to doctors and patients.

5. LCD touch screen workstation.

LCD touch screen workstation

Clinical application: Humanized design, intelligent operation

1. High frame rate dynamic radiography and fluoroscopy: Frame rate can be up to 30 fps. It avoid missing small lesions;

2. Dynamic playback: Real time dynamic acquisition of images can be replayed after the examination to avoid secondary radiation and improve clinical efficiency.

3. Intelligent bed movement: Bed lifting, move up and down by±90°.

Domestic industry’s first bed lifting function. For patients, it is convenient for those are hard to get on and off the bed with short stature. For doctors and radiologists, it’s flexible for different operating heights.

Dynamic Flat Panel DRF

4. Digital interconnection: Application of digital technology (real-time acquisition/ transmission) to realize remote diagnosis. Images can be directly transmitted to PACS through wireless network to realize information sharing and provide patients with better treatment scheme in time.

5. Other functions:

Automatic splicing of whole spine image;

One key switch on / off;

One key adjusts SID to 1.8m.

Dynamic Flat Panel DRF

Good medical products can not only be close to clinical practice and solve clinical difficulties, but also stand in the perspective of patients and consider for them. Perlove dynamic flat panel DRF have win many praise because it fits the needs of users. Perlove Medical makes imaging clinical examination more convenient, accurate and safe.


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