World Radiography Day 2021


November 8, 2021 — Nov. 8 marks International Day of Radiology (IDoR),celebrated around the world in recognition of the remarkable contributions made by medical imaging to health care, and the role of radiology professionals in providing quality care to patients. The day is a joint initiative of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), and the American College of Radiology (ACR).

History of IDoR

November 8, 1895: Roentgen’s Discovery of X-Rays.One of the earliest photographic plates from Roentgen’s experiments was a film of his wife, Bertha’s hand with a ring, produced on Friday, November 8, 1895.

The X-ray emerged from the laboratory and into widespread use in a startlingly brief leap: within a year of Roentgen’s announcement of his discovery, the application of X-rays to diagnosis and therapy was an established part of the medical profession.

The Meaning of Festiva

01.  Improve the society’s awareness of radiology and let people realize the important role of this discipline in human health.

02.  Let the public understand the value of radiology practitioners, and understand the important roles played by radiologists, radiographers, radiological engineers, and radiological equipment in medical services, so as to promote the development of radiology as a whole.

Interventional  Radiology

Each year a different main theme is chosen to be celebrated. The theme of 2021 is ‘Interventional Radiology – Active care for the patient’.

Interventional radiology is a series of technologies based on imaging diagnostics and clinical diagnostics, combined with the principles of clinical therapy, using catheters, guide wires and other equipment to diagnose and treat various diseases. Interventional radiology has opened up new treatment methods. Because of its unique characteristics such as simplicity, safety, less trauma, and quick results, it occupies an important position in the field of modern medical diagnosis and treatment. It is regarded as the third largest in the field of internal medicine and surgical treatment.

Protect doctors in Lead clothing

Among the medical staff known as ” angel in white “.Because of the special nature of their work, they wear lead suits weighing several tens of kilograms to work in the catheterization laboratory every day, holding guide wires and catheters in their hands carefully. Adhering to the mission of ” TECH CONTRIBUTES HEALTH “, Perlove Medical adheres to independent research and development, and strictly controls product quality. It hopes to use lower dosage and more convenient operation to protect the “lead-clothed people” who wear armor and rescue the wounded.

Interventional radiology

Interventional radiology is a young subject with broad prospects for development. Its development is very fast. Most hospitals above the prefecture and city level have carried out interventional treatment. As a national enterprise focusing on the production of medical imaging products, Perlove Medical has the responsibility to promote the popularization and development of interventional science, so that interventional medicine can better benefit the general public.

In order to promote interventional medicine in depth,Perlove Medical not only provides more advanced interventional imaging equipment for clinics, but also continues to make efforts in academic promotion and professional talent training. It has carried out “Interventional radiology” interventional training class and deeply participated in the interventional field. Professional academic forums, etc. From equipment to technology improvement and talent training, we will promote the development of clinical, scientific research and medical teaching in interventional medicine in an all-round way!


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