World Standards Day held in Beijing


In 2021, the “World Standards Day” Medical Device Standardization Forum was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is “standards boost the high-quality development of medical devices”, which aims to further publicize the concept of medical device standardization and give better play to the supporting role of standards in helping the supervision of medical devices and the high-quality development of the industry.

At the forum, China Medical Device Industry Association released a number of 10 benchmark enterprises for the implementation of medical device standards.

Standards run through the management of medical devices, which is very important to keep the baseline, ensure the safety and promote the development.

In recent years, the SPDA has continuously deepened the reform and innovation of medical device standardization. They continuously improved the system, scientifically formulated the plan, deeply promoted the improvement of medical device standards. It has strongly supported the supervision of medical devices and the development of the industry.

As a national enterprise focusing on the intelligent manufacturing of X-ray machines, Perlove Medical has been committed to providing help for clinical work with better products and more dedicated services under medical device standards.


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